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We provide experiential travel services and curate specialty itineraries for discerning travelers with specific needs and interests. As a luxury bespoke travel company, our services emphasize creating unique journeys that are strategically planned in accordance with travelers’ preferences. Each carefully crafted journey is designed to deliver a personal extraordinary experience like no other, and oftentimes with expert destination specialists on hand to ensure attention to detail and incredible value. Groups and individuals interested in cultural special interests ranging from educational, history, arts, entertainment, culinary indulgences and customized wine journeys, music and sporting events, health and wellness getaways, inspiring expeditions, or other topics will receive a premium personalized travel package designed exclusively for their specific preferences. Join us and become a part of our travelling family!

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We help you to see the world differently.  We provide you an opportunity to connect with local cultures of a country in an intimate setting and experience the best of its’ customs and protocols by creating personalized trips based on your preferences. We take you on luxury adventures.  Our differentiator as travel curators is to provide you with access to unique venues, and exclusive destination-driven experiences that you can’t get on your own.  No matter whether you’re looking for culturally immersive experiences, relaxation, culinary delights, or unique places to stay, we can curate whatever type of authentic travel package you desire.  Having superior supplier partnerships is our conduit to bring you these transformative experiences.  So, no matter if you’re just a busy professional seeking some time to unplug and recharge or someone that wants to just get away from the daily grind of life with a trip less ordinary.  We’re here to help you plan and curate your individual, group or company travel experience.  


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Waldron Travel provides travel curating services. We design personalized travel experiences that shall never be forgotten for selective and discerning travelers, that are interested in cultural special interests, health and wellness and are sports and jazz enthusiasts.

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Curated & Luxury Travel

Looking for a unique vacation destination? Then let us curate a travel package giving you access to exclusive destination driven experiences you can't get on your own with concierge-style services, unique venues, uncommon access to the local cultures and so much more.

Health & Wellness

Travel That Changes You. Experiences that Grounds You. Let us create a curated Wellness Package for you in a unique and luxury setting, which allows your mind, body and spirit to be rejuvenated while appreciating the journey and the destination at the same time.

Music Festivals & Sporting Events

As music is the heart of the soul and sports is a passion in almost every home, let us take you to the wonderful music festivals and sport events around the world.

Why travel with us?

No matter where in the world you want to go, we can curate the type of authentic travel package you desire

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Private Jet Services

We offer private jet services using the latest technology and depth of experience to support your private jet needs around the globe.  Consider having a consultation with us to learn more about our services if you’re a: 

 Luxury Client(, who typically flies first class, but would love to be upgraded to a private jet.  

An Executive, for whom time is money to you as a busy individual, and private jets make make every journey faster.

Elderly Clients, whom families can feel comfort in keeping their elders safer on a private jet, because it eliminates having to rush through large, crowded airports.

Families & Groups, can also keeps everyone together by using private jet services, which makes navigating the airport a breeze.

People with Pets, can have Fido sit in their lap, versus in a cage in the cargo hold. 

VIPs, celebrities, sports teams and more – 

We welcome all to try our private jets services. 

Private Yacht Excursions

Seeking a Distinctive Voyage with exclusive family or group space as well as itinerary departures that spans the globe? Then let us provide you a customized private-guided yacht excursion package, with the very best of land and sea. Our Yacht Services encompass many special amenities including your own captain, private concierge services, a chef and culinary menu equivalent to the culinary themed sailings that are onboard premium and luxury cruise lines, which is a true delight for food and wine enthusiasts. Notwithstanding the ports destinations and land tours that can also be arranged for you to experience.

We will also help you select your ideal vessel to suit your specific personal needs.

Motor yachts: the widest variety of sizes, layouts, and amenities

Sailing yachts: luxury sailing, performance racing, classic wooden

Catamarans: uniquely spacious layout and deck areas; multi-hull design for comfortable cruising and ease of access to shallow anchorages

Expedition: built for adventure and global cruising

Limousine Services

We provide Executive & Luxury Car Service, Group Transportation, and Ground Transportation Management Services. We invite you to take advantage of our limousine or chauffeured services that are in more than 1000 major business centers worldwide, across an exclusive, network of branded locations. Our network of fully-vetted best-in-class partners
provide services that meet or exceed our supplier partners exacting standards. These standards are globally applied with respect to:

Safety and security
Service delivery
Vehicle condition
Chauffeur experience and professionalism
Insurance coverage
Customer experience

Our limousine services are also designed to provide transportation services to meet all of your travel needs with unparalleled attention to detail and exacting precision. These services include:

As Directed
City to City
Chauffeured Tours

And our services are centrally managed, and locally dispatched to ensure the highest standards. Every reservation is quality checked for accuracy and the following information is verified prior to dispatch:

Addresses (verified by zip code)
Pick up and drop off times
Flight numbers (if applicable)
Valid form of payment